Eerde International boarding school Netherlands

Eerde is the only international school in the Netherlands to offer day school, flexible boarding and full boarding facilities. Located on a tranquil country estate only 2 hours from central Amsterdam.


The learning experience at Eerde is international, intercultural and individual.


Educating children in the broadest sense, immersing in a learning environment.


Eerde is situated in a castle dating back to the 18th century on a tranquil country estate.

Helping students develop into successful, engaged and responsible young adults with strong global connections.

We strive to provide our young people with the opportunity to develop academically, athletically, artistically and ethically and to achieve their full potential.

Learn, Live & Develop. 

Learn, Live & Develop. 

Learn, Live & Develop. 

Learn, Live & Develop. 

Learn, Live & Develop. 

Learn, Live & Develop. 

Eerde Boarding School offers:

  • Outstanding international education
  • Small classes, individual attention
  • Full range of extra curricular activities
  • Day school, flexible- and full boarding options
  • More than 25 nationalities amongst students and staff
  • Safe and structured living- and learning environment
  • Extensive program of sport and cultural activities
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Eerde International Boarding School

History of Eerde

The original castle dates back to the 18th century. The castle was first used as the setting for an international school in 1934 and the high-tech school facilities were added in 2011.


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Eerde International Boarding School

Culture & Nature

Eerde’s location amongst the forest, fields, and streams of rural Overijssel make it the perfect location for a variety of outdoor pursuits. Nature trails crisscross the landscape for miles all around Eerde Castle, offering students ample opportunity to hike, bike, and camp.