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We had a fantastic ski trip to Austria with 4 out of 5 days for ‘Kaiser Wetter” sunshine and blue skies. One day we had a bit of a snow storm that left us with excellent powder snow for the rest of the week. Special mentions go to the new skiers who learnt this fantastic skill and also to Max whose behaviour was so good it was like we had another ski instructor on the trip. On the whole the students did Eerde proud and it was one of the most enjoyable school trips I have ever done. We all can’t wait until next year to go again!! A further thanks go to the staff who made it happen especially during these crazy Corona times!


What an incredible week we had in Poland. We had a very early start on Monday morning and by midday we were already in Warsaw. We had a delicious Italian meal and then walked around the city centre. After a very long day of travelling, around 20,000 steps later and a delicious Japanese meal including sushi and dumplings we went back to our apartment, played some cards and had an early night. The next day we were up early and after a quick breakfast we arrived at the Copernicus Science Museum. This was followed by a quick tour around the Royal Castle where we saw some spectacular artwork. After a McDonald’s drive through we quickly made our way to Krakow for a tour at Schindler’s factory where we learnt about the history of Krakow during WWII and how Schindler saved around 1100 Jewish people from the Nazis. On Wednesday we started with a three and a half hour tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau. During the tour we heard about the awful conditions the prisoners were kept in, the methods of torture they used and how the Nazis were exterminating 2000 people at a time in the gas chambers. We also heard some of the stories of the brave people who were forced to work at the camps. It was truly a scary and memorable experience that will stay with us forever. In the afternoon we visited the Wieliczka salt mine, which was incredible to see – huge chapels and lakes which were 100 m underground. After 3 hours of walking around the mine we were told we had only actually seen 1%. We finished the day at a restaurant in the centre of Krakow and managed to get some ice cream after a few unsuccessful attempts. Boris and I (Jess) are very proud of how the students behaved. They were very respectful during the visit to Auschwitz and asked good questions to all of our tour guides. They represented the school very well and we would like to thank them for their maturity and politeness. We would definitely enjoy taking you all on a trip again!

At Campus

Last week was a whirlwind of activities here at Eerde. The week started out with an intense 90 minute session of Pound Fit plus a 2.5 hr skateboard clinic on Monday. Tuesday morning students had a choice of cooking pizza or designing their own t-shirt or bag. Tuesday afternoon they spent time working on a community service project. An intense day of creativity and music was held on Wednesday where students spent several hours making some amazing pieces of artwork and had a 2.5 hr music session where they pounded on drums to the beat to some high velocity dance music. Thursday students took a trip to the zoo and Friday morning students attended a session on cooking, sport or crochet that were facilitated by our teachers.