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The situation in Ukraine hurts the Eerde community and we desperately want to do something to help.

Thursday 10th of March at 11.30AM, a group of our staff members and students (we have a group of 18 persons in total), will swim in the moat around the castle to raise money for the victims of the war in Ukraine!

With our students who are from Ukraine, all of the money raised will go straight to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society. You can support us with a donation!

The donation will be used to reach people in urgent need, including:

  • Providing food, first aid, clean water, shelter support, warm clothing, hygiene parcels and medicines
  • Supporting hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Supporting firefighters and civil protection units
  • Training people up in life-saving first aid
  • Helping families stay in contact with each other
  • Educating people on the risks of explosives
  • Repairing vital infrastructure
  • Helping to repair homes, healthcare centres, schools and community centres