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Eerde International Boarding School, has been supporting and guiding young learners through the IB diploma program for over three decades. We are extremely proud of the dedication and commitment our students and our academic team this year.

Eerde is one of the most uniquely situated educational providers of the IB Diploma Programme, with an active international alumni base. Our alumni group provides guidance, knowledge, and networking opportunities to our graduates of 2022.

Eerde International Boarding School is pleased with the class of 2022 achievement this year, with a slightly above world average score in IB Diploma.

We are please to announce that all of our graduates for 2022 were accepted by their first choice universities. How Wonderful!

The impressive achievement across all programs from primary to secondary level has been inspiring, considering the challenges of the pandemic over the last two years.

At Eerde all forms of accomplishment is a combined effort of talent, knowledge and support. This is only possible through the commitment of students, dedication of staff and caring of boarding parents. We work as a team.

Come Learn, Live and Develop with us.