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Last week our IBDP 2 (grade 12) traveled to the south of Norway for a school exchange trip with Eilert Sundt school. After an early start on Saturday morning we arrived at Schiphol at 5am where we boarded a KLM flight into Stavanger airport. From there we took two hire cars to our accommodation in the beautiful area of Lyngdal. On Sunday we took the students to the second most popular attraction of Norway, Kristiansand Zoo and Water Park. Monday was the first meet up with the teachers and students from the Eilert Sundt school. We met at Lista lighthouse where we listened to a lecture about the importance of the lighthouse and the preservation of the wetlands.

In the afternoon we pretended to be trains by cycling on the old railway tracks, we cycled a total distance of 25 km! On Tuesday we met the students at Havik Strand beach to collect plastic that had been washed ashore and then returned to the school for an art project using the materials they found. The evening finished with a trip to the cinema. On Wednesday the students got into the classroom and had lessons in Art and Design, English, Chemistry and Biology. After class we took to the golf course before returning to school for some pizza and time for the students to hang out and get to know one another.

On Thursday we started the day with visiting a local Salmon center and then took to the river ourselves with some wild white water rafting! Some of the more daring students (and teacher) also jumped off a cliff into the rapids! We returned home on Friday after visiting the hydroelectricity plant where we learnt about the production of electricity using running water and the safety precautions they have to take to keep their employees safe. Boris and Jess would like to thank the students for their excellent behavior and participation in the trip, they represented the school well and we have even been invited back next year! Also a huge thank you to Boris and Jess and Eilert Sundt teachers for planning a very successful trip.