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As part of a continuous effort to promote cultural diversity at Eerde International Boarding School Netherlands, last week our students celebrated students and staff will celebrate 5th International Week. 

With almost 120 students and staff members from over 20 countries outside of The Netherlands we hope to celebrate our diversity and internationalism through a variety of fun activities lined up for the entire week. Our goal was for all staff and students to play an active part promoting awareness through action. 

The Kick start of this event on Monday 4th October was all “musical”, we had a music session organized by our music teacher Joost Visser! 

On Tuesday we had a dress competition, where all the different tutor groups dressed up as the best of the school! Also staff participating in dressing up. It is not everyday to see our Academic Director walking around the school foyer as Mary Poppins, what a delight! We were impressed looking at all the colorful costumes of the students and positive vibes thrown on the fashion show.

Activities on Wednesday are all about Texas Line Dancing! I mean, why not! We love to dance at Eerde IBS.

And we are so happy that on Thursday, we enjoy all the different tastes from around our community during our International PotLuck Lunch. Every student and staff member is invited to cook or bake a dish from their own country / nationality / culture and bring it along to share with the rest of the community! 

And finally on Friday we end our international week with a world cup tournament!

What a beautiful week it has been, an extraordinary time within the international students to showcase their best of the best and broaden up their knowledge and tolerance within each other!

High Five to Diversity and Friendships!!