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At Eerde we loved first hand experience, The Rijksmuseum and the Eerde International Boarding School are jointly developing an educational offer that is in line with the art and culture curriculum of international schools. In this way we give children love and knowledge of art, which they will benefit from for the rest of their lives.

Creepy, crawly exhibition at Rijksmuseum features creatures of awe and revulsion: All IMYC, IGCSE, IB1 and IB2 art students traveled to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam on Wednesday the 12th of October 2022. The exhibition was a fantastical display of how ‘artists and scientists throughout the decades have been fascinated – and repulsed – by ‘crawly creatures’. Ants, snakes, lizards and a giant, modern sculpture made of real spider web take centre stage. Meanwhile, a sister exhibition looks at the inspiration and exploitation of an 18th century rhino called Clara.’ ( The trip was divided into two sections where students were guided through the exhibition and then did a workshop studying and then painting wonderful bugs and insects with metallic watercolours. All of their artworks were curious and creative!

As summer break finishes, we welcome the new academic year ahead by celebrating our students’ achievements and how they have been great stars the whole academic year. Exam months were not easy and followed by such exciting events as Prom and Graduation. What a season!

In the corner we saw students exchanging hugs, holiday stories, and what’s amazing is, the student and teacher exchange beautiful notes on their yearbook.

Few students from primary classes prepare heartful gifts for their teacher and make cards in class, says “Dankje Juff” in Dutch and it means “thank you, teacher”. We asked Meno, our math teacher, on how he feels today, “seeing how they work so hard in class, closed by thank you, at the end of the academic year. I am so proud of how well they’re growing academically and personally”

Student enrichment coordinators inform us, some of our students are taking trips to enhance their passion and taking summer camp/short programs in music, sports or simply discovering other neighboring countries such as France, Germany, Belgium or Spain during the summer break. We certainly can not wait for their stories when they’re back with us.

Exciting moments also come from our IB Diploma program students who received their satisfying IB result and we couldn’t be prouder of our students. The whole Eerde community is celebrating it together with “International BBQ” which has been overdue for the last 2 years past the pandemic. Parents, teachers, students, staff and the whole caring community gathered together at our apple orchard garden, exchanging stories on how remarkable their year has been.