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We all know the importance of daily preparation for class and the impact that action has on successful outcomes. At Eerde we believe it is never too early to be preparing for the next chapter of our students’ educational path; higher education opportunities. Whether their direction is research universities, applied sciences universities or vocational career certified programmes, gathering information early is extremely important. This early preparation will enlighten our students and guide them through application processes, subject options, developmental steps for a CV or portfolio. Our college counsellors focus on providing our students with the latest university experiences and global offerings through educational fairs, university visits and more.

Eerde University Fair will take place on Wednesday, November 16th from 12:30-14:00 in the bel-etage of the castle. Schools in attendance will be: Breda University, Vrije University Amsterdam, Global School for Entrepreneurship Amsterdam, and many more.

In addition to our own university fair, we will take students to the Go-Abroad Fair in Utrecht on November 25th. This event is about students leaving the Netherlands for career or university opportunities around the globe. 

Our school is looking to continue the success of our recent visits to college and careers fairs in Utrecht and more recently at the Noordoost Education Fair in Zwolle. By creating opportunities for our students to speak to university representatives early in their high school careers, it is our goal that by grade 12 the students have a clearer  vision for what they want to achieve in life after Eerde.