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It’s that time of the year again, Halloween!!!! That means that the whole school is busy making Halloween crafts and masks, carving pumpkins,  and turning our castle into a haunted house.  

Everybody in our community participated in this event! 

The IB students had so much fun decorating the castle for the Halloween event at Eerde Campus, lots of our  students baked and cooked delicious meals all as part of their CAS project. This year we turned the castle into a ‘Haunted Castle’ theme. The students chose themes and decorated it themselves, and they seemed to enjoy the outcome which from the staff perspective is quite daring, lifelike and Amazingly creepy! Our staff members participated in the cast for the haunted castle. One of our primary students, Cillian, brought us all the pumpkins that he planted and grew himself. It is very special and much appreciated. 

The primary parents decorated their cars, parked it by the roundabout in front of the castle and opened up their trunk for the students to come and collect their sweets. As smart as the idea we called it “trunk or treat” it was fascinating work. We even hadve a horse carriage turn into a butcher house. How brilliant! 

It was not only amazing to be able to celebrate our  traditional halloween celebration after the pandemic again, but the team work within the community from students, parents and teachers in decorating the school is beyond what we can imagine. The amount of excitement brought the whole community together. 

Check out our new video on instagram here to feel the halloween ambiance!

Eerde IBS Instagram

See you on Halloween next year!