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Sinterklaas, who is he?

Saint Nicholas, a 4th century bishop who lived in Myra, in what is now Turkey. From the 11th century onwards, news of his miracles spread around Western Europe and he became the patron saint of practically every section of society, including children. The feast of St Nicholas has been celebrated for at least 700 years in the Netherlands, it is a huge celebration throughout the country, with festivals and joyful times in the society. it comes with songs, socks or shoes, gifts and the most important part is the visit.

That visit is happening today at Eerde International Boarding School

There was a lot of excitement going on in Lower Primary as the children put up their shoes. The shoes were filled with beautiful drawings and special letters to Sinterklaas visit today. For his horse Ozosnel the children put hay and some horse sweets in their shoes. The children have their boots filled with pepernoten and sweets!

We are all having a great time of Sinterklaas visits, primary students up to secondary students, enjoying all the treats!

Dank U Sinterklaasje