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The Tradition

Another true Eerde tradition is back and we couldn’t be more excited!

All of our secondary students and staff members wear their most beautiful suits and gowns, and our marvelous kitchen crew is doing their magic in the kitchen to create a wonderful dinner. 

Before we start the christmas dinner, we will have our Ceremony of light.  One true tradition this time of the year, each of our students gather around the Christmas tree in front of the Castle and our School Director delivers beautiful poems to all the community, remembering the lights in our hearts are there and to think about our loved ones and love we seek through our journey, at the end of the poem session we are placing the candle down and it creates magical winter vibe across the boarding house.

After everybody finishes their fabulous dinner, music will turn on, and we had our after party at the castle with lots of laughter and dance, students, teacher, boarding parents and all our ! It is a wonderful way to start the Christmas break and say “see you later” to your friends and roomate!

Have a great Christmas break everyone.