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Happy New Year! We hope you’ve had a successful 2022 and are looking forward to an even more exciting 2023.

We wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of you and your families a Happy, Healthy, Rewarding, and Peaceful New Year!

The start of the school year – education is one of the only places where we get a chance to have a fresh start every year.  The resolution is to start fresh with clear goals and objectives to make this year count!  However, it occurred to me last week, that in education you actually get TWO fresh starts each year – the new school year and the new calendar year.  Many of us will be thinking about eating more healthily, getting more exercise or how to make our lives more fulfilling or productive at this time of year, but for our students, many of whom will be doing exams very soon, their new year resolutions need to be focussed on how to make sure they are revising effectively, planning their studies and keeping themselves in top academic shape.  

They also need to be thinking about how to keep themselves mentally healthy – a lot of work goes into preparing for exams and this can be a difficult time.   challenge to our grade 10s and grade 12s this term is to observe their stress levels and work on ways to ensure they are well rested, well fed and positive throughout this time. 

Amongst the exam preparation and serious study it is important to also enrich our lives outside the classroom, so it is with great excitement that we look ahead to things coming up too.  This term we are welcoming a new complement of after school activities including dance, music performance, basketball, chess and Model United Nations.  

We are also looking forward to the ski trip and a trip to Portugal during the February break.  We have our Career Carousel coming up, which was a great success last year!  Preparations are underway for Eerde on stage too – which is a particular favorite of mine!

So welcome to 2023 – let us make this year a fantastic one!!