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Portugal Trip

During spring break students with Mr Boris and Ms Shani went on a trip to Portugal. We visited many different places and cities, did different activities and had a lot of fun. The trip was amazing and very fun. Everyone enjoyed it and took lots of good memories with them. Mr Boris planned the trip and we visited many different places that were very interesting and educational. Ms Shani was helping us the whole trip and with any questions and problems that we had, she always helped us. 

Each day was full of events and we had no time to be bored. We visited a few cities and towns: Lagos, Lisbon, Sintra, Malveira, Coimbra, Porto and Espiunca. In each city, we managed to do something new and different. Throughout the trip, we went on two boat trips, on one we discovered a lot of different things about caves and the ocean and on the second about six bridges in Porto. We also visited the oceanarium in Lisbon and had a lot of fun there. We also successfully completed the pastry workshop where we made delicious Pastéis de Nata. Besides that, we visited more beautiful places and had a lot of fun exploring the new cities. We went to different museums, landmarks and monuments. 

The trip itself was amazing. We were walking around the cities a lot, we saw a lot of beautiful landscapes and views. Everyone had a lot of fun and even though our group was small, it was really nice to spend a week with everyone, get to know each other better and even become friends. We, as students, are very thankful to Mr Boris and Ms Shani for spending their break with us and giving us those unforgettable and amazing experiences. It was so much fun!

Written by Marta Butsa from grade 9