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Graduation and Prom

This week was filled with some of the most memorable highlights of the Eerde academic year : Graduation and prom night.

This graduation was different from others, since we decided to include the IGCSE students as well this year instead of a separate graduation. It was a beautiful ceremony full of beautiful speeches from staff and students. Lots of smiles, memorable words and also some tears. This is a very festive ceremony where we celebrate the successes of our exam students, the completion of a period of very hard work and the beginning of a new era for all our exam students (either moving on to other academic challenges like university or starting in our IBDP for the IGCSE students). However, it is also a time where we have to say goodbye to our IB2 students, who became so special to all of us over the last few years. Moments of pride for all of our exam students who have worked so hard to get to this stage, and who became very special members of our Eerde family.

Don’t be strangers and make sure to come and visit us whenever you are around. Our campus is always open to you and we would love to hear from you!

In the evening our prom committee made sure that there was a very special event organised for all of our secondary students. Every one of them looked so beautiful and everyone enjoyed this special evening. Thank you so much to all the people involved in organising this event. It was a very special one!

With just 5 more weeks to go, we are working towards the end of our academic year. Behind the scenes our staff is busy with organising the end of year exams, last day activity and international bbq, finalising the yearbook and also preparing for next academic year!