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The annual TOK exhibition was held in the foyer of Eerde. Each year IB students present what they have learned in their TOK (Theory Of Knowledge) class in an exhibition where they answer a philosophical question about knowledge with 3 objects of different areas. TOK creates critical thinkers and inspires students to be creative and collaborate with each other.

During the preparation for the exhibition it became clear that every IB student has reached these goals, because every day I saw students being creative and putting a lot of effort in their posters. Everyone was busy cutting, drawing, writing, gluing and a lot of laughter could be heard. Often this resulted in early mornings and late evenings. I also saw students working together and filling weaknesses of others with their own strengths. All this was recognised by many teachers as well. The efforts definitely paid off, because the results were mind blowing! The IB students presented their work proudly to an audience of teachers and fellow students, who asked them critical questions which the presenters answered perfectly. The patience and interest in the projects was heartwarming.

Speaking for myself I was very happy with all the interest and would like to thank Miss Ajina for her excellent organisation, because she made this TOK exhibition a huge success! Hopefully this TOK exhibition has inspired many future IB students! I’m looking forward to next year’s presentations!

Megan Kroes,
TOK ambassador 2023