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“Young Entrepreneurs of Eerde 2023”, the first business simulation competition at Eerde was successfully held on 7th June. This was an excellent opportunity for our secondary students to create their unique products, meet real-business experts to present their business ideas and get assessed by the “Sharks” (the business experts). It’s a replication of the very famous reality TV show ‘Shark Tank’. It was our privilege to have 4 amazing ‘Sharks’ pioneers in the business field; David Glancy, Bas Holterman, Eline Ruinemans and Anna Smit who brilliantly used their business expertise to assess the students’ business pitches. There were 7 teams who competed for the title “Young Entrepreneur of Eerde 2023”:

PT Production [Temperature regulating water bottle]
TTF  Hoodie [A hoodie with a one-year party subscription]
QM Materials [ Recyclable bricks]
Bubo [One-stop shop e-commerce platform]
Mole Hunters [A complete solution for moles ]
Shake it Safe Earthquake Capsule
SOS Scrunchies [Unique medical scrunchies]

QM Materials and SOS Scrunchies won the award for “Best Business Pitch & the “Best Business Idea” respectively. The Mole Hunters won the title award “Young Entrepreneurs of Eerde 2023”.

At Eerde we create global citizens who are ready to shine in this competitive world and the business competition “Young Entrepreneurs of Eerde” is one of the many real-world experiences that we offer to our students.