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As a school that values learning experiences both in and beyond the classroom, each year we take our Secondary students out of school to broaden their educational journey and provide them with exceptional opportunities to socialise and deepen the bonds between them.

During the Week Without Walls this year the Eerde students from grades 6 to 12 will embark on a school camp to Klein Oever Balkbrug to engage in an outdoor activity program.

The goals of the week are;

-To engage in team building activities to strengthen their social bonds,
-Take each student out of their comfort zones as this is where learning happens.
-To have a chance to unplug from technological devices and engage in real life learning experiences.

This trip is for all the secondary students. Day-to-day staffing will vary, however there will be a core Eerde team of 4 staff in addition to 8 – 10 school staff and a team of professionals from Klein Oever specialised in team building activities.

Whilst at Klein Oever our students will be able to experience the following activities;

-Field activities (farmer games, Highland games),
-Archery, bubble soccer, Expedition Robinson,
-Climbing, as well as other team building activities.