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We are very pleased to share the extension of the collaboration with the Rijksmuseum. This partnership, initiated in 2017, has played a significant role in enriching the art and cultural education offered at Eerde and deepening the appreciation for the rich history of the Netherlands.

Since the start of this collaboration, Eerde and the Rijksmuseum have closely worked together to develop educational programs aligned with the art and culture curriculum for international schools. The goal is to provide students with unique opportunities to engage meaningfully with art, utilizing the extensive collection and expertise offered by the Rijksmuseum.

One of the highlights of this extended collaboration is the integration of art lessons and frequent visits to the museum within Eerde’s educational framework. These projects aim to immerse students in the vibrant world of art, enabling them to connect with history, culture, and creativity on a deeper level than traditional classroom education allows.

The Rijksmuseum, renowned for its commitment to narrating the 800-year history of the Netherlands, plays a crucial role in shaping the educational experience for Eerde students. The museum annually organizes various exhibitions showcasing a diverse range of objects from its own collection and loans from domestic and foreign collections. This joint effort ensures that Eerde students gain insight into Dutch history, spanning from the medieval ages to contemporary times.

Eerde Boarding School looks forward to the continued opportunities that this collaboration offers for its students. The extended partnership reaffirms Eerde’s commitment to providing a comprehensive education that goes beyond textbooks, promoting a love for art and an understanding of cultural heritage within the diverse student community.

As we anticipate a year of enriched learning experiences, Eerde Boarding School expresses gratitude to the Rijksmuseum for its unwavering support and looks forward to further cultivating a deep appreciation for art within the school community.