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In this task, students demonstrated their understanding of the Exploration Age and its impact through creative artwork. The big idea behind this task was to use their curiosity about the major explorers and their discoveries to inspire and shape it into an artistic expression.

Students were asked to reflect on the explorers and expeditions they learned about. Consider the motives behind these journeys, the challenges faced by explorers, and the impact of these discoveries on different societies. They could choose any medium of art that they felt comfortable working with.

When they presented it, students provided a brief explanation or artist statement alongside their artwork. They also described the inspiration behind the piece, the explorations they focused on, and the message they aimed to convey through their art.

This task was meant to encourage them to think critically about historical explorations; express their understanding through a creative lens and have fun exploring their artistic talents while delving into the exciting era of discovery! Take a look at these wonderful pieces of art. They really made me happy to share their creations with all of you.

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