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Pre-IB has started term 3. That means summer vacation is approaching, and sometimes we celebrate those moments with homemade cake.

Students are conducting research in the ATL classes (Approaches to Learning). This research is meant to prepare them for the IBDP, where the Extended Essay is central.

The following skills are emphasized:
Academic honesty
Using and citing sources in APA format
Academic writing
Communicating with teachers
Improving argumentative skills
Gaining experience in IBDP descriptive research
Planning and managing time effectively
Using proper research techniques
Structuring essays correctly

The topics studied vary widely: how plastics threaten the lives of marine animals, the civil rights movement in the 1960s, COVID-19, the origins of the suffragette movement in Europe, and, for example, the impact of this pandemic on tourism. It beautifully illustrates how diverse research can be.

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