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We were delighted to organize another theory of Knowledge Exhibition (TOKX) 2024.

This special event showcases the insightful and creative work of our TOK students as they explore the complex connections between knowledge and the real world.

The TOK exhibition is a wonderful opportunity for IB1 students to present their TOK IA Prompts, which cover a diverse range of topics and reflect deep critical thinking, engagement, and understanding.

In a dynamic project, IB1 TOK students created a podcast series to explore one of the TOK Areas of Knowledge (AoKs), with each group tackling a different historical controversial event. They looked at how we learn, understand, and interpret history through ethical and factual perspectives.

We encourage all teachers, and parents to visit this year’s exhibition and give their input and inspirations as well.

Lead by – Ms. Ajina Remadevi (Economics, Business & TOK)

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