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As an Exit Point to close our history topic on Resilience, our students are undertaking a remarkable final task. Our lessons were focused on the common people who became heroes by joining the underground resistance, emphasizing their courage, resilience, and care for others.

After learning, investigating, exploring, discussing, researching, and presenting various aspects of the resistance and underground armies of World War II, the students are now engaging in a hands-on project. They are building a real hut in our forest at Eerde to experience the effort and reality of creating a hiding place to survive and evade enemies.

I am impressed by the students’ teamwork, collaboration, and mutual support. They are not only sharing ideas but also engaging in real work, discussing and planning every detail of the hut. After working on it for two days, the hut is quite finished and the students were satisfied with their results. It was a pleasure to see how eager they were to work on this project.

Witnessing their dedication and effort in this project is truly inspiring. This hands-on experience allows the students to internalise the harsh realities faced by those who had to build such shelters to survive. Through this project, they gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the resilience and bravery of the people they have studied.

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