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Early this month, Ms. Marla and Ms. Heidi took IB ESS Students to the Seal Rehabilitation and Research Center in Pieterburen.

The center was founded in 1971 and has evolved from a simple “daycare” for young seals to a scientific research-based seal hospital, with accompanying facilities such as quarantine, a laboratory, a chemist, and modern research facilities. Hundreds of seals are cared for annually. The center rescues seals that have been injured by boats or fishing nets and those that have been sickened due to pollution. The center also rescues orphaned pups. All rehabilitated seals are released into the wild after their rehabilitation period, which lasts from several weeks to a maximum of six months. The animals do not remain in captivity nor are they bred. The center also collects pieces of fishing nets that float in the sea and injure the animals.

What a wonderful experience!

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