Safeguarding & Child Protection

Eerde International Boarding School recognises the moral and statutory responsibility to act, at all times, in the absolute best interest of the student through providing a safe and welcoming environment where all children are respected, valued and where each individual can thrive. As the safety and protection of students is of paramount importance to everyone in this school. At all times we will ensure what is best in the interests of all students.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Aims

  • To have in place procedures to ensure that we meet our responsibilities for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children from abuse.
  • To ensure that all school personnel are aware of what action to take when dealing with a child protection issue.
  • To have in place the appropriate personnel to ensure that we meet our responsibilities for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children from abuse
  • To ensure all school personnel know the names of the Designated Safeguarding Lead and associated staff such as the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead(s) – The Committee for Support and Safeguarding
  • To organise and update training regularly to maintain the level and practice of Safeguarding in our schools
  • To be aware of the Dutch Meldcode (Child Abuse Protocol) and Confidential Inspector of the Dutch Inspectorate (Vertrouwensinspecteur) and refer to them if required for training and advice as and when necessary
  • To create and provide a learning environment that is safe, secure, warm and welcoming for students combined with sound security systems and procedures.
  • To be alert to the additional safeguarding challenges to children with special educational needs and disabilities.
  • To establish and maintain an ethos where students, parents/ guardians and staff feel secure in being able to talk confidently to school personnel about any concerns or fears they may have knowing that they will be taken seriously.
  • To establish and maintain procedures for safer recruitment and to establish and maintain sound working relationships with parents/ guardians, educational agents and support agencies.

Eerde Campus

Our school is located on a secluded country estate in beautiful woodland scenery. The moated castle dates from 1715  and has been in use as an international school since 1934.


We strive to provide our young people with the opportunity to develop academically, athletically, artistically and ethically and to achieve their full potential.


We have multiple partnerships with renowned institutes such as the national museum the Rijksmuseum, Dutch society for Nature Conservation Natuurmonumenten and more.


Connections and friends are made during your time at Eerde that last a lifetime. Eerde has been a second home for many students and all are proud ambassadors of our school.

Eerde Boarding School offers:

  • Outstanding international education
  • Small classes, individual attention
  • Full range of extra curricular activities
  • Day school, flexible- and full boarding options
  • More than 25 nationalities amongst students and staff
  • Safe and structured living- and learning environment
  • Extensive program of sport and cultural activities
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