At Eerde, just as our students, we keep learning and developing ourselves. Therefore we have created strategic objectives to ensure quality and growth. These objectes are based on our guiding statements shown on this page.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Increase student engagement with the school as a whole, allowing for a variety of personal development opportunities;
  • Further develop teaching to ensure it is effective and engaging;
  • Raise student achievement for every individual – ensuring we are challenging our most able students, as well as supporting those with additional needs;
  • Support and nurture staff, focussing on both individual development, working relationships and the Eerde staff team as a whole;
  • Develop the Eerde community, utilising and growing links with the local and global community as well as stakeholders, staff, students and parents;
  • Increase student numbers, allowing for greater diversity, a richer community and for the organisation to thrive;
  • Diversify our course offering to include more vocational options, thus giving all students an equal opportunity to excel;
  • Continue to develop student well-being and boarding provision – further improving on our aim to deliver a home away from home;
  • Work to create a richer learning environment by developing our buildings and facilities aesthetically and functionally to better reflect our learners and their needs.

Eerde Campus

Our school is located on a secluded country estate in beautiful woodland scenery. The moated castle dates from 1715  and has been in use as an international school since 1934.


We strive to provide our young people with the opportunity to develop academically, athletically, artistically and ethically and to achieve their full potential.


We have multiple partnerships with renowned institutes such as the national museum the Rijksmuseum, Dutch society for Nature Conservation Natuurmonumenten and more.


Connections and friends are made during your time at Eerde that last a lifetime. Eerde has been a second home for many students and all are proud ambassadors of our school.

Eerde Boarding School offers:

  • Outstanding international education
  • Day school, flexible boarding and full boarding options
  • Personal approach with small class sizes
  • Learning Enrichment Centre
  • Learning coaches
  • Life coaches
  • Full range of sport and cultural activities
  • Elite talent coaching
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