Eerde International Boarding School is an official partner of the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands.

We are extremely proud to be an official partner of the world-renowned Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The Rijksmuseum houses a rich collection of works by Dutch masters including Rembrandt, Vermeer and van Hals. Eerde and the Rijksmuseum are creating learning opportunities to incorporate the Rijksmuseum heritage to enrich and extend into international educational programmes.

The Partnership

Our partnership enables Eerde to use art lessons and frequent museum visits to help our students connect with art in new and meaningful ways all while enjoying an enhanced learning process!

This fruitful partnership is devoted to developing education in the arts and culture for international schools. Teachers and museum educators from the two institutions have been working together since 2017, creating an educational programme that complements the arts and culture curriculum for international schools, enabling students from all over the world to become acquainted with the art and history of the Netherlands.

The upcoming academic year will see the addition to the Rijksmuseum educational programme of a new history tour for secondary school students. This tour is called the 'Check it like an historian tour'.

About the Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum tells the 800-year history of the Netherlands, from the Middle Ages to today. We also mount several exhibitions each year, of objects drawn from our own collection and loaned from domestic and international collections. As a national museum for art and history, it is our responsibility to be a museum where everyone feels represented; a museum that contributes to awareness and interconnection in society; a place that does justice to the full range of stories that can be told through the artworks and historical objects in its collection. The Rijksmuseum draws strength from diversity, polyphony and collaboration, and strives to activate these qualities.

Eerde Campus

Our school is located on a secluded country estate in beautiful woodland scenery. The moated castle dates from 1715  and has been in use as an international school since 1934.


We strive to provide our young people with the opportunity to develop academically, athletically, artistically and ethically and to achieve their full potential.


We have multiple partnerships with renowned institutes such as the national museum the Rijksmuseum, Dutch society for Nature Conservation Natuurmonumenten and more.


Connections and friends are made during your time at Eerde that last a lifetime. Eerde has been a second home for many students and all are proud ambassadors of our school.

Eerde Boarding School offers:

  • Outstanding international education
  • Small classes, individual attention
  • Full range of extra curricular activities
  • Day school, flexible- and full boarding options
  • More than 25 nationalities amongst students and staff
  • Safe and structured living- and learning environment
  • Extensive program of sport and cultural activities
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