Extra Curricular Activities

At Eerde we aim to offer more than just education. Our extra curricular activities are formed to add additional experiences to our students outside of school to broaden their horizon and keep developing skills to make a difference.

Extracurricular activities and field trips at Eerde

Besides our extensive academic programmes we offer students a very broad spectrum of extra curricular- but also after school activities consisting of sports, music and culture. Benefiting from the beautiful surroundings at the Eerde Castle.

Musical offer at Eerde

At Eerde we offer several musical activities after school, as a choir, musical production but also private specific music lessons, e.g. piano, drums or guitar.

Equestrian life at Eerde

If you’re used to riding and grooming a horse at home, there’s no need to give up your passion when you come to Eerde. Our partnership with local stables De Hazelhorst gives ample opportunities for all types of equestrian activities, from riding lessons to competing in events. There is even the possibility of bringing your own horse! Contact us for the different options.

MUN Debate Club

Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country. 

Once a year, as a school, we will visit at least one of the MUN conferences held at other schools in Europe. This is a great opportunity for our students to learn and also to get acquainted with other students from all over the world.

Week Without Walls

A week of learning for our students outside the classroom, outside the walls of our campus. 

The first week without walls is all about team building, getting to know each other, your teachers and your peers. A week filled with fun activities to prepare you for the upcoming academic year. Together with your own classmates, but also with students from other groups. 

The second week without walls offers a variety of activities. Students can choose to go on a ski trip, community service trip or participate in activities closer to school.

Career Carousel

Once a year, we organise a career carousel. People from a wide range of professions are invited to join our carousel, and explain to the students all about their profession, how they got there, and to share experiences.

Celebrate the nationalities

Throughout the year, we celebrate the fact that we have over 25 nationalities amongst our community. For example an international week with different workshops and as a highlight the Pot Luck Lunch, where everybody prepares dishes from their own country, or Santa Lucia, Lunar New Year, Halloween (including a haunted castle) and Sinterklaas.


At Eerde, we find it very important that sports is integrated in the daily life of our students. All students, from primary, till IB2 have PE lessons in their timetable. 

We also offer a wide variety of sports during our after school activities, like soccer, basketball, rugby, volleyball, chess, cross fit, horseback riding, tennis and golf. 

We also take our school teams to other international schools in the Netherlands, to play interscholar competitions.


We are extremely proud to be an official partner of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

One of the world’s most famous museums, the Rijksmuseum houses a rich collection by Dutch masters including Rembrandt, Vermeer and van Hals.

Eerde International Boarding School and the Rijksmuseum are creating learning opportunities to incorporate the Rijksmuseum heritage to enrich and extend international educational programmes. These include making thematic connections between the school curriculum and the museum collection and multi-disciplinary educational programmes.

Our partnership with the Rijksmuseum is changing the way art history and art appreciation are taught. It inspires and teaches using creative art lessons and museum visits that help our students connect with art in meaningful ways and enjoy the learning as well!

Mrs. BuysArt Teacher at Eerde

Eerde Campus

Our school is located on a secluded country estate in beautiful woodland scenery. The moated castle dates from 1715  and has been in use as an international school since 1934.


We strive to provide our young people with the opportunity to develop academically, athletically, artistically and ethically and to achieve their full potential.


We have multiple partnerships with renowned institutes such as the national museum the Rijksmuseum, Dutch society for Nature Conservation Natuurmonumenten and more.


Connections and friends are made during your time at Eerde that last a lifetime. Eerde has been a second home for many students and all are proud ambassadors of our school.

Eerde Boarding School offers:

  • Outstanding international education
  • Small classes, individual attention
  • Full range of extra curricular activities
  • Day school, flexible- and full boarding options
  • More than 25 nationalities amongst students and staff
  • Safe and structured living- and learning environment
  • Extensive program of sport and cultural activities
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