Cambridge IGCSE is the world’s most popular curriculum for 14-16 year olds. Many countries recognise the International General Certificate of Secondary Education as equivalent to national examinations. Higher education institutions and employers around the world accept IGCSE as evidence of academic ability. Whether your onward journey takes you to work or study at home or abroad, IGCSE is just the ticket.


IGCSE at Eerde

It is a truly international program giving students and schools many options through the extended range of subjects to choose from, through more ways to learn and therefore more ways to succeed. Obviously Eerde IBS offers a selection out of this wide range of possible subjects. This selection is based upon historic student preference, our in-house preparation for the IBDP and IBCP and contemporary movements in society. These factors taken into account will lead to a subject package that opens doors and creates options.

IGCSE is more than a collection of subjects, IGCSE also appeals to building student identity. We stimulate the fact that our learners will have to take responsibilities in a global society but we acknowledge that their personal identity is based upon national, local and cultural heritage. The latter is equally important. Through the compulsory subject of Global Perspectives we give a concrete meaning to this delicate balance. Through the tasks and activities students learn to think about this relationship between the local and the global and why they think like they think.

The bridge between IMYC and our IB Program

Making connections is fundamental to our approach at Eerde. We see the IGCSE curriculum as the perfect bridge from the International Middle Year Programme to the IB Programme. IGSCE students at Eerde develop skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving and truly master strategies for life-long learning. So it’s an excellent launch pad to the International Diploma Baccalaureate Programme and the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme.

Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives is a key element of the IGCSE curriculum. The programme at Eerde encourages you to consider global themes from different perspectives, which includes the region you live in. Some of the practical projects students have worked on to supplement their study are collecting clothing for refugees in the region, setting up an insect hotel to increase biodiversity, and organising plastic collection to combat plastic soup.

Global Perspectives is the glue

The subject Global perspectives is developed by CAIE to bridge the gap between the IGCSE and the IBDP. Global Perspectives helps learners to acquire the skills needed for the core part of the IBDP.

This extra layer of context helps learners to see the use of subject knowledge and skills in settings other than the subject setting itself because isn’t learning, at the end of the day, more focussed on the things outside the classroom than on the inside of the classroom?

Exam Program

In IGCSE we work towards a formal exam meaning the grades they get throughout the year should reflect their capabilities/possibilities during the final exam. We must be careful of the fact that the program becomes nothing more than exam training and learning through past papers and just for the test. Ideally the program is a sound balance between exam preparation and preparing learners for the future, for many of our learners this includes the IBDP/IBCP.

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