As a parent with a challenging career, you have high hopes for your children too. When you entrust your child’s education to Eerde International Boarding School, you give them the best possible start in life. And a passport to global citizenship. Eerde is the only international school in the Netherlands to offer full boarding and flexible boarding options.

Give your child the best possible start in life

Life at an international boarding school educates children in the broadest sense, immersing them 24/7 in a learning environment. Boarding at Eerde is the ideal way to give children an all-round education in a safe and warm environment. Their home from home.

Boarding Options

As a parent with a challenging career, you have high hopes for your children too. When you entrust your child’s education to Eerde International Boarding School, you give them the best possible start in life. And a passport to global citizenship.

Eerde  – The only international school in the Netherlands to offer full boarding and flexible boarding options.

Full Boarding

Eerde is the only international school in the Netherlands to offer full boarding facilities 24/7 for students aged 12-19.

Flexible Boarding

Next to a full boarding package, it is possible, to choose for a five-day boarding option with students leaving the campus on weekends.

Boarding parents on hand 24/7

Of course, all children have the occasional ‘off day’ when they can’t quite get things together. The short walk from the residential accommodation to the school building means that ‘traffic jam Sir’ is no excuse for being late to class. If your child is repeatedly late or starts behaving differently, a boarding parent will gently puzzle out the real problem. Our boarding parents are experienced life coaches who are on hand 24/7. They support students with everything from time management to organising their belongings and going to bed – and to sleep – on time.

As a parent you can call, Skype or visit any time, and connect.

Qualified for the school of life

Students graduate from Eerde with internationally recognised diplomas that open doors to higher education all over the world. Our boarding students also possess outstanding qualifications when it comes to embarking on the school of life.

Eerde’s boarding parents are on hand 24/7. Reflecting your role as a parent, they guide the children in our care to take responsibility: for their study, their belongings, their wellbeing and their relationships with others. Teachers and other members of staff, support each child to become a tolerant individual and a team player. Together with parents, we help our students reach their full potential and feel comfortable being themselves.

Like all our students, Eerde boarders leave us as well adjusted young adults, with the confidence to take their place in the world, wherever that may be.

Residential accommodation

The two classical boarding houses in the castle grounds are only a short walk from the school building and the castle.

The east wing houses the girls on campus whereas the west wing houses the boys. Both houses have common living rooms and kitchens, laundry facilities and common areas to hang out.

Most students opt to share a room with another student in the same age group and same gender. Single rooms are also available (upon request and availability). The rooms are in separate houses for boys and girls. The girls dormitory  have en-suite shower facilities.

Home from Home

Eerde’s ‘extended family’ weekends give time to cook brunch together, try new hobbies, take day-trips, or simply chill with a movie. Just like home.  And like good family relationships, the friendships forged at Eerde last a lifetime.

Boarding Houses

All boarding houses are divided in several rooms. Rooms are allocated to gender and age at the start of each academic year, or when a new boarding student arrives. As an international school, we stimulate international community integration by motivating boarding students to learn from each other as roommates. We do offer single rooms (extra costs apply) however, we encourage students to stay in a twin room.

We do not distinguish between race, national origin, religion or sexual orientation.

IBS Activities at Eerde

Eerde IBS offers a range of activities, sports and events in the evening and during weekends from board game nights to water skiing or cultural trips. We encourage you to participate in everything Eerde IBS has to offer as part of the social cohesion we try to establish among boarding students. Please note that some activities require you to obtain parental permission.

Naturally, we encourage you to continue your hobbies and club memberships while in boarding. We therefore cater (individual) transport and expert coaching (additional costs apply). We also have our own gym and sports facilities on campus for your use.

Flexible boarding packages

When you’re a high flyer yourself, you naturally have high hopes for your children. When your demanding career in the Netherlands means long days at work or abroad, quality time with your kids is at a premium.

Families in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany get the best of both worlds when they choose a flexible boarding package at Eerde International Boarding School. Next to a full boarding package, it is possible at Eerde, to choose for a five-day boarding option, where the students will leave campus Friday after the last period, and come back on Sunday evening, or Monday morning before class.


Eerde is an official referent for applying for visas for non- EU citizens. Only students who wish to follow the (pre)- IB programme at our school, can apply for a visa through us. Eerde will take care of the complete application process.

The visa application process will take up to approximately 6 weeks, and our admission officers will guide you through the process until you have received your visa.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this process.