IBS Activities at Eerde

Eerde IBS offers a range of activities, sports and events in the evening and during weekends from board game nights to water skiing or cultural trips. We encourage you to participate in everything Eerde IBS has to offer as part of the social cohesion we try to establish among boarding students. Please note that some activities require you to obtain parental permission.

Naturally, we encourage you to continue your hobbies and club memberships while in boarding. We therefore cater (individual) transport and expert coaching (additional costs apply). We also have our own gym and sports facilities on campus for your use.

Reach your full potential at Eerde

At Eerde we take our responsibility for each student’s learning experience very seriously. Which is why we developed Learning Enrichment to add value to the learning of each and every student. By this we mean not only academic achievement but also the social skills young people need in their development.

Learning Enrichment covers everything from extra tuition in intensive maths or intensive English through to support for special educational needs and facilitating exceptionally gifted students. So that each student can reach their full potential.

Life at Eerde

Our experienced learning support staff work with students, teachers, parents and boarding parents to support any aspect of their learning experience. The aim is to ensure that each student can reach their potential and achieve their goals. Learning coaches can help students with study skills, exam preparation. The Learning coach can also assist students in various subjects, either in groups or on an individual basis.

As social and emotional wellbeing are fundamental to ensure effective learning, the learning coaches at Eerde also work closely with our life coaches.  Learning enrichment is closely interwoven throughout the Primary, Secondary, IB Department and through our boarding programmes.