Full Boarding

Full boarding at Eerde is the ideal solution for parents located in different parts of the world who want to give their child an international education in a school in Europe.

Eerde is the only international school in the Netherlands to offer full boarding facilities 24/7 for students aged 12-19.

Learn, live and develop in full boarding

When you learn and live with young people from all over the world, you quickly find common ground. As soon as you arrive, you meet your student boarding buddy. They may start as your guide but could soon become a friend for life.

Each school year Eerde’s team of boarding parents set up student teams who are responsible for different aspects of boarding life: from clearing up after dinner to organising a sporting or cultural excursion. The team captain rotates regularly, so each student gets a chance to take responsibility for the group.

Our students thrive in the routines set by the boarding houses, with designated times to study either in their own rooms, one of the quiet study rooms or the castle’s Library. For senior students this space and structure is a great help in focusing their efforts for the demands of IBDP. And for younger pupils it’s reassuring and motivating to have 24/7 support to guide their homework and planning.

‘Second family’

Boarding students and staff are like a second family, where close and supportive relationships are the norm. Life coaches support students in learning to live independently, ensuring your wellbeing as an individual and as part of the Eerde community.

Life coaches guide students in everything from planning their homework to organizing their finances, learning to cook or doing their own laundry. And if you want to go off-campus to a local sports club or do volunteer work, there’s plenty of advice on offer too.

Spend the weekend at school

Friday night can be pizza night and on Saturday and Sunday you get to make your own brunch. From blueberry waffles to noodle soup, it’s a fun way to learn to cook and literally learn what makes other students tick. There’s plenty to do on and off campus, and you get to organise stuff as well. From museum visits to Laser quest, carting, swimming, camping, horseriding, movie marathons and mega Monopoly sessions. Or simply hanging in a hammock in the garden, movienight in the boarding house or playing hide and seek in the castle.

Boarding school is a great form of controlled freedom.

Wilma Bouwman

Boarding Parents on hand 24/7

Of course, all children have the occasional ‘off day’ when they can’t quite get things together. The short walk from the residential accommodation to the school building means that ‘traffic jam Sir’ is no excuse for being late to class. If your child is repeatedly late or starts behaving differently, a boarding parent will gently puzzle out the real problem. Our boarding parents are experienced life coaches who are on hand 24/7. They support students with everything from time management to organising their belongings and going to bed – and to sleep – on time.

As a parent you can call, Skype or visit any time, and connect.

Residential accommodation

The two boarding houses in the castle grounds have modern and comfortable bedrooms and cosy shared lounges and kitchens. Together, boarding students and staff create a safe, welcoming and warm environment which soon feels like home from home. Most students opt to share a room with another student in the same age group and same gender. Single rooms are also available (upon request and based on availability). The rooms for boys and girls are in separate boarding houses.

Boarding Fees

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